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Shkedia Financial Services is a consulting firm advising self employed and families with a comprehensive Financial Planning to achieve their short and long terms goals.

The program is an on-line, free, secured and confidential "Financial Master Plan" which allows to better plan and make financial decisions. Download a sample report.

By entering the financial data (income, expenses, loans, credit cards, investment insurance), the family and business have the information in many areas include:

  • What is your current financial position and how much you worth.

  • What would be the best plan to eliminate debt? You may review payment scenarios to the current held loans and credit cards, to get the best results.
  • Plan the investment for a comfortable retirement. You may run "what-if scenarios by changing the monthly contribution and the rates of return.

  • How much to invest for the children to attend the college of your choice? (a list of colleges with future tuition prediction is provided).

  • How much Life and Disability insurance you may need based on the overall family liabilities and needs.

  • List of monthly expenses vs. income to complete the financial picture.

  • Access to many financial calculators to help with the planning.
The program is absolutely free, personal, confidential, secured and in compliance with the industry regulations. You may update the information at any time, generate unlimited reports and save as PDF for your records.

Contact us for a quick setup, or download the financial-data-entry form for a faster processing.

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