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Health Insurance: Prescriptions

Each insurance company has a list of covered drugs divided into internal priced-level groups. The common drugs levels are Generic, Brand and Non-formulary levels. Those drugs may be purchased by prescription only. For each drug there is maximum doze allowed for a certain period (typically 1 month or 90 days).
If the doctor prescribed refills to the drugs, the insured may get the refilled drug without the need to re-visit the doctor

Prescription drugs benefit is included in most insurance plans, otherwise it may be added as an option with additional cost.

The payment of the RX drugs is vary among the plans. For HSA plans, the cost of the Rx medicines are paid by the individual or the family's annual deductible. Most of the HSA plans also cover Brand and NON-formulary Rx drugs, but some have a special deductible for those drugs. Other insurance plans  have a copay for the Rx drugs, some have a special deductible on the non-generic drugs.

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